Welcome to EconomizeMC - Rank Zero

Rank Zero is the default rank. This rank will give the player access to the following commands upon joining the server.

Command Description
/bal This will give the player their current balance.
/delhome This command will let you delete a home you previously set. Do this by typing "/delhome name"
/getpos or /whereami This command will give your current location as well as the world you are currently in. Remember to only mine in the mining world as we will periodically reset the mining world.
/home name This command will teleport the player to a previously set home. This command is world specific
/lands This command will bring the lands menu. This is how you can claim protected land. As a Rank Zero (default) you are able to claim 2 Lands & up to 8 chunks each. Please visit our claiming land link here for more info.
/lock This command will let you lock items such as chests, furnaces etc.. As a Rank Zero you are limited to 5 locks. You will earn more by ranking up.
/lwc This command will show you the commands you can use within the /lwc plugin such as /lock /climits etc...
/pay This command will enable you to pay other players. Example: "/pay playerIGN 100" this will take $100.00 from your /bal and pay playerIGN $100.00
/rankup This command will enable the player to rankup. You must have the balance needed to rank up. You will need to type /rankup twice. The 2nd one is to confirm.
/rg i or /region info This command will let you know if the location you are currently standing in is part of a claimed land or not.
/sethome This command will let you set a home at your current location. This is world specific. As Rank Zero you will be able to set "2" separate homes. Do this by typing "/sethome name"
/shop This command will open the shop GUI. This is where you will buy and sell items.
/spawn This command will teleport the player to the main world spawn point
/tpaccept This command will accept a teleport request from another player.
/warps This command will show a list of warps that are currently set on the server. Warps are world specific.
/warp name This command will warp the player to a specific warp. Warps are world specific.
/wild This will teleport you to a random location. A great way to find a spot to start your base in.

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